Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Midnight Gardner

So, we have this long narrow flowerbed up against a brick wall in the backyard. It ends at a small concrete patio on one end, with a gate that gives access to the wooded hill behind the house, and from the gate a wood privacy fence runs down the side of the yard up to the front. The other side of the bed runs into a fence that separates the yard from the pool area, and across the yard to the front is, of course, the house. The bottom of the gate has heavy gauge wire mesh to keep pets in, and wildlife out; or so we hope. Apparently though, wildlife is not deterred by this. I fancy they think of it as a challenge to be conquered, or perhaps it's more like robbing a bank. Either way, I present exhibit A:

It would seem that sometime during the night, an armadillo either found a way through the gate (maybe the cat let him in?) or scaled the back wall Mission Impossible style. It covered every square inch of that flower bed, and oddly enough (or thankfully enough more like it) our little armored friend did not touch the yard itself, nor did it uproot or damage any plants. It did stir up all the mulch though, and actually it almost weeded the flower bed for us just like a little four legged garden tiller; our little midnight gardner.


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