Friday, June 16, 2006

Out With The Old Part II

What do you do with things you don't want anymore in small town Oklahoma? Well if it's something that still works, you put it down at the end of the driveway with a 'free' sign on it and someone will take it off your hands. Actually it doesn't even have to be in good working order as I've had people take a broken wood desk and a non-working LCD computer monitor from the trash. Back to the point of the story though. Today we bought a shiny new grill. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the old grill, it still worked great, it was just a bit rough around the edges (read dirty and worn). Someone would surely appreciate a free grill! So down to the street it went with a 'free' sign taped to the front and not 15 minutes later I spotted a gentleman attempting to load it into the back of his truck. I'm sure after he cleans it up a bit it will look good as new and serve him well for many years to come.

Enter Kenmore; the new hotness. Actually the new grill is a bit smaller but it has a better burner design so it heats and cooks more evenly. Most importantly though, it looks nice! Ok so that's not really all that important. The cooking abilities are important though, and I'm happy to report 'so far, so good'. It has been christened with brats (seen in photo) and man were they good! In fact, I think I'll go have another. ;)


Anonymous Bonnie B said...

A new grill is always fun to break in I hope you have a lot of parties.

My parents have a cabin way out in the middle of the woods. One night they decided they'd put an old hutch out front with a free sign to see if it would be there in the morning. I mean their cabin is in tinbuctu-- like population 32. The next morning it was gone.
It is amazing what people will take.

June 16, 2006 at 7:09 PM  

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