Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spring Cleaning

It's that time of year again. Time to swap the summer shoes on and then break out the bucket of detailing products, sponges, towels and the buffer and make up for the neglect of winter. It took me three days to get the TT into summer shape, but then I'm a bit obsessive. I think the results speak for themselves though (too bad the photos just don't do it justice).

This was also one of those years that called for fresh microfiber towels and a restock on alot of supplies. I get my microfibers from Pakshak in Hawaii. They are top quality towels and you get top quality service. Plus they are on sale right now! You can find the pakshak website here. For 'wax' I use Zaino. Zaino can be as intensive or as easy as you'd like to make it, and I always make it intensive this first detail of the year. The car was polished with Z-PC and is now sporting one coat of Z-AIO, two coats of Z5pro w/ZFX, one coat of Z2 pro w/ZFX, and two coats of Z-CS, all with a Z6 wipe down in between and a final topper of Z8 grand finale spray. It doesn't take all that product to look great though, thats what I love about Zaino. One could just apply one coat of Z-CS and have an amazing deep shine. Z-CS is easy because you just spray it on, rub it around evenly, and don't buff it off just walk away; which is exactly what I'll be doing the rest of the year.


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