Friday, July 7, 2006


Cioccolato; it's Italian for chocolate, and right now I have gone to chocolate heaven. After reading several articles touting it as the 'world's best chocolate' I absolutely had to try some of Amedei of Tuscany's chocolates. So I ordered a sampling of limited edition napolitains: award winning Porcelana and Chuao, their signature Toscano Black, I Cru sampler and a small bar each of Toscano Blond and Toscano Red. Just like coffee or tea, each cocoa type or region has distinct and unique flavors; plum and red fruits for the Chuao, delicate toasted almond for the Porcelana, a slight and creamy toasted hazelnut for Madagascar Cru. Pricey maybe, but this isn't a Hershey's bar, and it is ALOT of chocolate. I think for something purchased just once in a lifetime or even once every year or two, it's worth the indulgence for such a delicacy. Now I need to find some place cool to store them so I can stretch the goodness over a few months, otherwise I'll be in a permanent chocolate coma. :)


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