Thursday, June 15, 2006

A Couple of Great Books

I love to read, but in the past two years or so I'd not picked up a book one. I'm not sure why, not like I didn't have the time. I guess sometimes passion for pastimes waxes and wanes, especially when you have several to get caught up in. Well in the past few months I seemed to have put the camera down, and picked up a book instead; several books in fact. I think I re-read every book I own. It was the second reading for some, others the fifth or sixth, and each just as good as the first (or better even in some cases!). Well then I just plain ran out of old books to read so I started something new. I found two that were so good I could not put them down! Now I am sad that I am done reading them (time to start over!). I can highly recommend The White Mare and The Dawn Stag, by Jules Watson. They are part of a trilogy, however the third book (The Boar Stone) will not be available till next year. This is ok though, as from what I understand the third book is not based on the characters in the first two... but is continued on by their ancestors some few hundred years in the future. At least you aren't left hanging with an unfinished story wondering what will befall the hero and heroine next. If you are a fan of Arthurian legend and historical fiction etc, you will like these.

Jules Watson weaves a tale both beautiful and horrible. The Dalriada Trilogy is a story of love amongst war. It is set in first century AD Alba (Scotland) during the Roman invasion, led by Agricola, and tells of an Epidii priestess who is offered as bride to an exiled Prince of Erin (Ireland) in exchange for help in defeating the Romans. Together they fight to unite the warring tribes of Alba into one force to turn back the red tide that is the Romans, but only if they can heal their emotionally 'complicated' marriage. She (Watson) provides a story with a perfect blend of love, fighting, fiction, and history.


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